Saturday, November 12, 2016

Pin Your Clothes with Solidarity

After the election resulted in Donald Trump becoming the 45th president, safety pins began appearing on the clothes of Americans. Usually associated with punk rock fashion, they have taken on a new meaning in 2016 as a symbol of solidarity for minorities, victims of discrimination and homophobia.

According to, this trend originated after the UK decided to leave the European Union. Soon afterwards, people defended their choice to represent their beliefs with a safety pin, claiming that it was "not a political statement," but a "humanitarian" effort to combat bigotry.

Fear arose when elected Vice President Mike Pence supported so-called "conversion therapy" to attempt to revert gays back to being heterosexual. Many same-sex couples and minorities living in towns who support Trump feel targeted and victimized because of the traditional conservative beliefs around them.                                

   As a result, Americans have decided to hold public events where they provide safety pins to participants who agree with the phrase "I am an ally." People wearing these symbolic pins have posted on social media that they are willing to speak with those who feel terrified about the outcome of the election or are fearful about how it will impact their own lives. Teachers and celebrities supporting minorities and victims of homophobia and racism have made their opinions public, to spread friendship instead of fear.

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