Thursday, November 24, 2016

Cyber Monday: Gobbling Up Good Deals

From: piZap Blog

   Today is the day that Americans give thanks for their friends, family, health and everything that makes the other 364 days worth waking up in the morning for.

   However, the family-friendly dinner that is most recognized with Thanksgiving has a new counterpart besides Black Friday: Cyber Monday. According to the Fortune website, approximately 23% of Americans will participate in Black Friday shopping at the physical store, which is a lower percentage than previous years. In-store holiday shopping seems to be waning because of greater deals lasting an entire month instead of one day like the past. In 2015, online shoppers spent $3 billion during Cyber Monday, visiting more than 4,500 retail websites in their pursuit of gift giving. Cyber Monday, which involves one-of-a-kind deals featured in online stores, generates millions of revenue for companies, as well as happiness for its participants.

   Overall, Cyber Monday has many benefits. Shoppers may browse desired products in the comfort of their own home, lessening the pressure on their families to go out after the big meal. Websites generally cover a larger surface area of consumers than storefronts, as more enticing deals persuade them to add promo codes to their online carts. Walmart claimed that it broadened its product scope from 8 million to 23 million items, making 2016 their largest product assortment of all time. Besides, who would want to battle with other shoppers in the middle of the night, often to the point of physical contact?

From: The Telegraph

   Similarly, as Cyber Monday's popularity rises, the desire for updated technology ensues. An Xfinity television commercial explored the popular belief that the elderly are not as technically-inclined as millennials, which has proven to be untrue. I personally have mixed feelings about this advertisement, as the couple's granddaughter deems their house "the gates of hell" because they simply do not house Xfinity's voice-command products in their living room. As the commercial progresses, both grandparents adopt new technical skills to conform to the digital craze of the current era, instead of teaching their younger family members the value of face-to-face contact. The commercial can be viewed here.

    So, whether you are technology-obsessed or prefer socializing in the "old-fashioned" way of speaking to people without a smartphone present, enjoy everything that comes with the holiday season.

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