Sunday, November 27, 2016

Insider Profiles: Why I Love Tecna, the Fairy of Technology

Tecna, Winx Club Member and Fairy of Technology
As someone who is an avid fan of art and animation, I learned about Winx Club on my travels around the Internet. The Winx fairies, a troupe of teenage girls who strive to save the universe and battle opponents, inspire girls to be headstrong and intelligent. One of the founding members of Winx is Tecna, the Guardian Fairy of Technology from the planet Zenith. Her home is characterized by droids, Techsquirrels and technology-generated weather. Tecna set herself apart from other "magical" cartoon characters for many reasons. Her self-confidence and knowledge she shares with others promotes digital literacy, as well as inspiring young viewers to enjoy science.

The importance of including Tecna in the cartoon realm is a major part of educating girls about technology. On the Winx website, her page illustrates her biography and "netiquette" for fans to adhere to while online. Tecna also shows diversity from other cartoon teenage girls with her love for her boyfriend, Timmy. Timmy behaves shy and clumsy around others, displaying intelligence that is celebrated by his friends rather than thought of as being nerdy and irritating. Tecna's math and science skills come into play when she and her team are battling foes, which lends an intellectual mind to the series. She shows that technology can be portrayed in a feminine way with her clothing style and love for computers. Girls who watch Winx may decide to embrace their love of STEM, as the fairies demonstrate aptitudes for adventure, leadership and scholarship, differing from other cartoon television shows of their kind.

The many faces (and transformations) of Tecna

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