Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Beauty over body rights?

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     What we learn today will prepare us for tomorrow. Yesterday's lessons and plans are part of the future. Everything we do is getting us ready for what we want, need, and will have earned in that time. The future of a woman's body is changing. From the advanced surgeries and preventions techniques/methods to perfecting the body to unrealistic goals is unimaginable. Living in a world that is focused on looks is disappointing. Looks change, emotions change, and ultimately we as humans aren’t perfect human beings. It’s funny how no one says anything about a woman who gets a boob job and flaunts it for the world but when a breastfeeding mother is feeding her baby the world goes crazy. The importance of inner happiness surpasses the ideal images we have collectively as a society pressured on women. No matter the issues women face today it will not be the last struggle to conquer.  
     As an individual I express and share my views through social media platforms. Advocating for women to have rights over their own body no matter the country, race, or religion that is in jeopardy over a basic human right. It’s not just about looking good but the things that happen to women who go through instances in their life that feel the need to use medical or other measures to take control over their life physically in appearances. Looks aren’t the main concern in society as it used to be with the boob jobs being normalized and even lip injections are a thing now. However, a more concerning issue is the right of abortion or women’s birth control access through organizations like Planned Parenthood are an ongoing debate in this political climate. It’s not just here in the US it’s in other countries across the globe fighting for women to have the right to choose what to do with their body. Women are allowed to change/enhance their appearance with few issues in terms of backlash but an abortion is a sensitive topic that boils some people's blood.
     Every situation is different and I believe it should be treated that way. Having a justice law or ruling to follow as a guide but it should be handled with compassion and understanding. It is complex but can be simple with more discussions that plan to take action and use trial-error methods to find the best possible solution to this madness. Share your thoughts on what you think and discuss it more with friends or family members. Opening and engaging the dialogue will only lead to better solutions/ideas.  

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Aging as a Woman

        Is age a thing anymore? Does a number matter? We see beautiful talented women who are older like J.LO with younger men talked about in the media. We constantly talk and gossip about women more when they are older and doing things we “expect” from younger women. It’s absurd the whole subject. I don’t think it’s a cultural issue more so than a world wide society problem because it is a constant topic spoken about in mainstream media. Once a woman is considered “old” and does things like wear certain clothing or is dating again it’s like she is not supposed to do those things once she is a certain age. I don’t understand why people care. Why it bothers them? Someone enjoying their life in a healthy, happy, successful way it has nothing to do with you so how come you talk about it like it’s affecting you? Okay enough with the questions, for now but on serious note it’s concerning these mind-sets some people have. Aging as a women is rough already with hormones, menopause, and just everything in between. Adding others unsolicited opinions and suggestions on your life is annoying. Sure as a female I can ignore those comments but it does affect one’s personal thoughts, decisions, and actions.
        As women we are always going through these stages in life where society says we have an “expiration date” or a “deadline”. Oh and my favorite “your time is ticking or almost up”. I understand that no one is the same age forever or we don’t keep the same energy, body, and even same mind-set that we have in our youth. It’s the way of life. What I don’t like is others telling women we need to hurry up on things that don’t need to be rushed. Men do not always get these pressures and a spotlight like women. They don’t feel the pressure. Is it about gender or just age? Do men get pressured eventually on matters similar to women like getting married or settling down having a family etc.? Sometimes I think men do have similar experiences but overall a woman is likely to have her age be the talk of the town compared to a man. I still have “time” but with social media displaying women having their “life together” it puts a indirect pressure towards women. On a physical aspect of the body, face, and features. Looking your best is great but everyone doesn’t have money for lip fillers. Aging causes one to reflect on life. I personally do  not want to reflect on my life remembering all the times other people told me how to live my life. I especially do not want other women to feel that way no matter the age or stage they are in life. Age should not stop or interfere with one's goals or plans in life. Do what makes you feel comfortable, confident, and happy.