Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A sense of fashion

    Now more than ever have we become more accepting to women in particular with their fashion choices. It still needs more work but it has progressed and that’s worth talking about. Today, one could go out in the world and see two things: 1. A woman wearing barely anything and 2. A woman covered or dressed modestly. Interesting that both will be judged no matter what path they chose. Both are happy with their choices. However, why does both woman be considered oppressed by their societies they are in? Why does their even have to be a standard dress code for women? Oh, because our way of dressing will catch a man's attention and God forbid he can’t control himself seeing some skin or anything attractive? It doesn’t matter what women wear something will always be said. Might as well do what makes you happy.What’s it with a piece of clothing that makes either a fashionable statement or a political/controversial one that gets everyone talking? The way women are dressing today compared to 30 years ago has change tremendously. We don’t even think sometimes we just dress the way everyone else does sometimes just to fit in. Avoid the gossip but people still find a reason to talk. Questions are always being raised on the appearance of how a woman is dressed more than a man's appearance.
    The important message women are sending to the world speaks through their fashion sense or choice of clothing. Currently the fashion industry is leaning toward modest fashion wear due to a high demand from religious groups. From swimwear to even baby wear it’s available. Usually we see less fabric on clothing but now we are working to meet the needs of everyone. Because we all got to wear something. This new turn in the industry is receiving positive feedback and consumers are happier. Having more options of what to wear is always a good thing. It gives self confidence and more importantly choices for women to feel in control of how they want to express themselves. This shows how women are taking control of a male driven industry. Working to design, distribute, and connect with women by women. Girl power is strong and it’s continuing to grow. The important take away is to remind yourself to not worry about what others say or think as long as you feel comfortable, confident, and content with you choice of clothing nothing else matters.

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