Saturday, February 18, 2017

A woman's mind beyond her body

     Living in a generation that is becoming more accepted to the roles women are taking in society is major progress. Seeing women being authentically and unapologetically themselves in everyday life is inspiring. This may be controversial topic but intended to be a focus on something many brushed off their shoulder/thoughts that is important to be addressed. Recently I just watched the Netflix series of the O.J. Simpson trial. The trial of the century as we all know but something interesting about the series is the real raw portrayal of the prosecutor Marcia Clark. In 1995, women were just becoming more recognized through career advancements. A woman prosecutor is not easy as it was a male dominated field. However, Marcia Clark despite losing the case has changed the views of many Americans nationwide on showing a woman's mind can go much further than what her body can take her. It’s a biased mentality our society has instilled within us. A cultural issue that women are only as good as they look. This is a toxic way of thinking. Teaching young girls and women that their mind isn’t enough but it is. Marcia Clark may not have dressed well or have the expectations society placed on her but she was driven, determined, and did a hell of a job at stopping some critics. Her focus was the trial and reaching a wider audience by showing what a woman is capable of accomplishing. Her determination to end domestic violence before it reaches to unimaginable ends such as Nicole Simpson.
     Being a lead prosecutor is an important role and it was admirable to see this on national T.V. during that time and it continuing to be spoken about. Clark was not treated fairly during the trial even by women. It is astonishing to think that just because she is a woman she didn’t deserve the same treatment and respect as the other male lawyers/colleagues in that court room. No matter what was thrown her way she persisted and stayed strong because she knew this wasn’t about her it’s more than that. Marcia Clark is a leading example on how a woman's mind is far better than physical/visual aspects. It’s the inside that always wins. I encourage those who plan on watching the series pay close attention to Marcia Clark and even watch the real court recordings. Both are similar but her portrayal in the series shows a different side of her based on true events. It’s worth the time to watch and think about why she was treated that way and would it have been different if it were a man? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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